The Eclipse, Equinox, and Super Moon in You

I’m a firm believer that we are all connected.

Connected to each other, to the planet, to our solar system and beyond. Friday, March 20th was a significant day for the Universe–a triune merging of the Spring Equinox, a Solar Eclipse and a Super Moon, all in one auspicious day.

Auspicious because if shifts and transformations are literally happening on the universal scale, then these same shifts and transformations are ripe and ready to occur within our personal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual solar systems as well.

If there is any doubt in your mind that the we humans are indeed connected to each other or to earthly and heavenly shifts, changing seasons, lunar phases, solar flare activities and the like, ask any emergency responder about nights when the moon is full.

Emergency calls are known to get a little crazy during a full moon. Aches and pains appear to increase during seasonal changes, and I am always amazed at certain days when it seems like every emergency call is for someone falling down. Some days are car accident days. And, any emergency responder can tell you that there are those days when it seems like everyone is deciding to leave their earthly body for good.

While I cannot claim to explain any of this to you logically or reasonably, my empirical experience and my intuition lead me to believe that one thing is certain—we are inextricably connected to each other in ways we cannot begin to fathom.

And when the Universe experiences shifts and changes, we too may do well to look within ourselves and know it is the perfect time to intend our own transformations.

Here’s how we can begin:
As the Vernal Equinox brings rains and storms to wash away, ask yourself what are you ready to let go of in your physical, mental or emotional life. Is it time to let go of people, old thinking or habits that no longer serve you? Does it feel right to let go gracefully and gently or maybe with vigor?

Eclipses support the rising of powerful emotions. Feel them, honor them, and listen to the insights and powerful changes they can bring.

As changes occur all around, can you listen to what is happening? Can you hear the buds growing? And opening? Can you go within yourself and listen deeply to your innermost guidance of what is to come next, in your work, play and personal life?

New moons, eclipses and spring buds all support beginnings, initiation, and creative birthings. What new ideas, shifts and ways of being are ready to emerge? Do they feel right and authentic for you? Nurture the seeds you plant with care.

The Earth is awakening from her winter slumber. What are you awakening to, seeing with freshly opened eyes, with the curiosity of a child, and the joy of creating in every moment?

As the astronomical, seasonal, and energetic effects of this most recent time of change begin to churn, bubble and simmer, be assured that your internal universe is ready for equally splendid and transformational shifts as well!


3 thoughts on “The Eclipse, Equinox, and Super Moon in You”

  1. Donna Parker says:

    Thank you.

  2. Armand says:

    Very nice, thank you Bev.

    1. Beverly Molina says:

      Thank you Armand and Donna.

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