Finding Balance

So Leo, when we go on camping trips you inevitably end up creating some beautiful rock sculptures. Tell me what is it you like about the art of rock balancing? 

“It’s something fun to do, and it uses parts of nature to create something that could look cool and can blend in with nature.” 

Does it take a lot of patience to rock balance? You seem to be really focused and patient when you are building those sculptures. 

“Yes, it does. It takes some amount of patience but there are usually lots of rocks to choose from to balance.” 

Is it hard to focus?

“Sometimes, but I stay focused knowing that the outcome will look nice and that others will be able to enjoy it.” 

How does it make you feel when you come upon a rock sculpture that someone else built? 

I think Wow someone took the time to create that.” 

What is the most difficult part of rock balancing for you? 

“The most difficult part is finding a sturdy base rock. If you don’t have a good base rock, it makes it harder to add the upper layers.” 

What happens when you don’t have a firm foundation? 

“The sculpture will start to wobble and eventually topple over.” 

I’ve been thinking a lot about balance recently – balance in life and in our society and in all the things that are going on right now. How do you see applying the art of rock balancing to everyday life? 

“The base of the rock to me are like the people in power, because whatever they do, they have an effect on the citizens.” 

So how should the rock, or the government, be then? 

“The rock or the government should be willing to make changes, just like I change up the base rock that I use if it’s not working for the other rocks.” 

I like that! 

I’ve been really affected by the social uprisings going on right now. I have a lot of empathy for black Americans who have had to live in a system in which they are at a disadvantage economically, in education, health, criminal justice, housing etc. 

Can you relate any more wisdom on that topic and in relation to the art of rock balancing? 

“If one rock isn’t balanced it may upset the other rocks that are above it. So, it’s like if a certain group of people aren’t fairly treated or balanced like the rocks, that will affect everyone else in some way and if they fall, everyone else will fall too.” 

So, what is the solution?  

“We have to be willing to make changes so that there is balance in everything (like food, education, medical help and more) for everyone.” 

What do you think we would all learn if we did some rock balancing in our lives? 

“I think we would learn about the ripple effect that we all have on each other.” 

Any last thoughts Leo? Thank you so much for this interview!  

“I hope people try rock balancing and get to learn about nature and how it can relate to life.”

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