A New Game

The Mother looked lovingly at her bickering children.

My Dears, I see you are huffing and puffing, pointing fingers, your cheeks are red and angry. I see you standing with arms crossed, chins defiant.
What is your pain?

The accusations came fast.

“The light went out!!!” they all yelled at once.

The first child said, “She is scared of the dark. She cowers and hides under her blanket from it. And then she insists on turning her flashlight on and shines it everywhere she goes! Can you imagine? How fearful!”

The second child said, “He is angry when I turn on my flashlight. He says he doesn’t need or want it on, because there are worse things to be scared of than the dark. He says just because I want it on, he shouldn’t have to have it on, that it’s not fair.”

The third child yelled,” This is all a bunch of doodoo! Somebody turned out the light, and the bogeyman is going to get us all!”

The Mother giggled to herself, sighed, and felt immense love for all of her children.

“Dear Hearts,” she said softly, “I am hearing that you are all afraid. Of different things, but nonetheless – all afraid. And that is ok. It is okay to be afraid; it is part of growing up.”
She went on,” Now the Blame Game is a well worn game that you can choose to play, of course. And I imagine that after a while it becomes tedious, goes round in circles, and does not feel very fun.”

“Or”…..the children sat up straighter, wanting to hear….”Or, perhaps you could put your heads together; or better yet, put your hearts together, and play a different game.” The children cocked their heads to the side. “Beginning this game requires only a wee bit of compassion, tolerance, and love for each other to start.”
The children looked at each other and were surprised to see themselves in each other’s faces. Their brows softened.

“Good,” said the Mother. “Now that you have set the foundation, the game begins in earnest.
How can you help and comfort one another?
What fears can you share with each other?
How can you come together in this challenging place in the dark?”

The children’s eyes seemed to sparkle with anticipation.

“And now,” she continued, “the fun really starts. Listen, as your hearts beat together as one.
What can you begin to imagine in the darkness?
What newness wants to be born?
Which of your individual gifts can you contribute to the whole?
What magic can you create that has yet to be discovered or imagined – that might even create a whole new world?”

And so, the children put their hearts together. And the magic began.✨