Dance Tour Begins

Hello friends,
Today I’m starting an adventure that’s been on the calendar for months and deep in my soul forever.
For the next 8 days and nights I’m going to dance! Everywhere.

My weekly free form dance practice for this week looks like me, plus 30 other people (age 22 to 73), on a charter bus, driving all over the state of California bringing our dance on! Here’s the official word:

“The Ecstatic Dance California Bus and Film Tour has begun with an 8 day tour of Ecstatic Dance events all over the state–from Mt. Shasta to San Diego. Using a custom coach from the legendary adventure bus company Green Tortoise, a group of about 30 people- a mix of dancers, DJs, film-makers, and facilitators- will travel to each of these Ecstatic Dances- San Francisco, Sacramento, Nevada City, Oakland, Mt. Shasta, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz! They’ll be stopping along the way for nature connection and random flash mob-style dances, as they build bonds with the local conscious dance communities through joining in the local events. This tour will be documented; they will be filming the whole experience along the way, while sharing widely through social media, and inspiring a lot more people to join in the experience of conscious dance.”

The purpose for this adventure, you ask? I imagine it’s a little bit different for everyone who is on this bus. I’m pretty sure we all love to dance!

For me, free form dance ( also known as conscious dance or ecstatic dance) is a metaphor for living life to its fullest potential. For me this kind of dance inspires my self expression while accepting and acknowledging others in their own unique beingness. It’s a practice that pulls me right into the present moment, where I can experience myself without the distraction of thoughts. In this embodied state, feelings are free to show up, come through and be felt. I feel love for humanity in its full spectrum, as I twirl side by side with others for a momentary dance, and feel our divine connectedness. And at the end of the dance – shirt drenched, cheeks flushed – I feel full, deeply content, and alive.
I hope to spread some of that good juju on this trip, and inspire you all to dance!

I’ll keep you posted on this traveling dance collective and crazy adventure; and I wish that you, too, may feel the rapture of life in all that you do!

Dance parties in the living room are a great way to start!


6 thoughts on “Dance Tour Begins”

  1. Donna Parker-Brandstetter says:

    Enjoy your experience Bev. I am sure you will have stories to tell and lessons learned on your journey. Good thoughts for you and all involved and have a safe trip. Blessings and Hugs

    1. Beverly Molina says:

      Thank you Donna! We are actually dancing in your neck of the woods tomorrow night! I appreciate the good wishes😊

  2. Kevin Salazar says:

    That’s amazing. Big hugs for you.

    1. Beverly Molina says:

      Thank you Levin, hugs back!!

  3. Deling says:

    Sounds interesting Bev. Can’t wait to see some pictures or videos of you tour. Have fun and rich experiences.

    1. Beverly Molina says:

      Hi Deling, I hope you got to check out some of the video footage. There are links on my latest post. It was an incredible experience!

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