I am just back from the first ever, week-long Ecstatic Dance Bus Tour! Thirty-one other dance devotees and I made our way across the state of California and danced our free form dance practice (also known as conscious dance or ecstatic dance) on the beach, on the shores of lakes, in the mountains, and in different dance venues from Mt. Shasta to San Diego!  Please check out the links below to see videos and webcasts of our unforgettable week. And find out more about the transformative power of ecstatic dance!

Ecstatic Dance website

Find out all about the amazingly creative projects that my fellow artists, in our year-long artists’ immersion program, are up to!!  This transformational program is facilitated by the ever heart-centered Todd Phillips and the inspiring Daniel Mollner.    Go to: to find out more.

Check out my friend Daniel Mollner’s website!  He is a phenomenal dancer, film maker, DJ, leader, teacher and a most respected mentor to myself and many others.  Check out his creative project, called Project 52, in which he combines two of his passions, film and dance, and created one dance video a week for an entire year. He inspired me to create my blog and finish my first book!!      Go to: