Getting Naked….with Momentum

I envy people who can get naked.

I envy people who can get naked, in front of others, and be completely comfortable in the beauty of their nakedness.

I am thinking about nakedness, because I wish I could get there more often – figuratively speaking that is.

For example, when I was a competitive gymnast in my youth, I dreaded gymnastic meets, where my performance would be seen by all and scored by the judges. I would shakily just make it through a balance beam routine that, in the gym, I had mastered flawlessly.

Recently, I have joined an amazing group of eclectic artists. This artists’ collective consists of painters, sculptors, vocal alchemists, writers, musicians, jewelry crafters, mixed media artists and dancers. This yearlong project is called Momentum. And for one year, we are committed to the process of creating our art and ‘putting it out there’–having it seen.

My art is writing these posts and finishing my book. For me, it is one thing to play with words and weave them into form, but having my work ‘seen’ is another story altogether– one that brings back the nervous gymnast standing shakily on the balance beam.

Is it hard for us to be seen at the deepest levels of who we truly are? Is it hard for us to be seen with all of our imperfections, scars or quirks as we make our way through life? Why is this so?

Are we afraid that others will judge us? And if we are judged, what does that mean exactly? That we are not loved? That we are not good enough? Ah…. perhaps that is the crux of the problem – thinking that we are not enough.

When we believe that we are less than, we may not feel free to expose ourselves in this vulnerable state. We may hide our true selves, behind a variety of masks or roles. We may walk around one another hiding behind witty sarcasms, affected smiles, or thick impenetrable armor.

How can we begin to become comfortable being seen for who we really are – in all of our nakedness? As I walk down the road of being seen in my own nakedness, I remind myself with these four steps.

1. Remember there are only snowflakes –individual and distinctive crystals, no one quite like the other. There is no normal. There is not one right way. There is only vast and utter uniqueness in the world. You are unique

2. Release any judgments you may have of others. All that will be left is appreciation for the individuality that others bring to the table.

3. Love your own individual and amazing being-ness. When you have released judgment of others, you will release judgment of yourself. When you no longer are comparing and judging yourself, you will begin to love who you are.

4. Celebrate the unique and wonderful being that you are. When you begin to love who you are, you will no longer need to hide behind masks, or roles, or fortresses. You will feel free to be your glorious self, in all of your remarkable authenticity.

It takes courage to walk in the full-fledged authenticity of who we are. When we can finally embrace our unique and authentic selves, we will not be afraid to stand naked in front of others.

Thank you fellow Momentum artists and All for this opportunity to be seen. Let us celebrate who we are.

Let’s get naked!

7 thoughts on “Getting Naked….with Momentum”

  1. Donna Parker says:

    Well said and so true, something for me to work on for sure. I take these as words of encouragement, thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading your book.

    1. nada meck says:

      Your words ring so true to me at different times of my life.

      1. Beverly Molina says:

        Donna and Nada, i appreciate that you know me in my ‘nakedness!’

  2. Pat Turner says:

    Bev, thanks so much for the fortification. Thanks for reminding me of my individual being-ness. Been having trouble with the current book, and your insight was a great help. Your writing is superb and well thought out. I’m very proud of you and look forward to reading your book.

    1. Beverly Molina says:

      Thank you Pat for believing in me all these years!

  3. Bruce Puphal says:

    Bev, after all the time we worked together, I had no idea that you were such a creative writer. It makes me feel very proud to watch you expand your horizons with this new adventure. All my best to you! pup

    1. Beverly Molina says:

      Bruce thank you, I appreciate your support. Yes, expanding horizons is something I wish for all of us, all the time!!

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