The Butterfly Effect

We can all remember instances when we wanted our lives to be different in some way.  Perhaps we are there right now.

If only this situation would change, then we could be happy.
If only we weren’t so afraid of that, then we would feel better.
If only we had the willpower to do this, then all would be well.
If only we had the courage, then we could move forward.

We all face these challenges at various points in our lives. Sometimes our situations are like a dull ache that we try to push away, or sometimes they scream at us loud and clear, waiting for us to address them.

Every so often, the enormity of a situation or the hurdle before us seems so large that we do not know where to begin. We may decide to look away, promising ourselves that we will try and face it tomorrow.

At times like these, we may remember the potential of the butterfly effect. Can the tiny flaps of a butterfly’s wings, change the weather weeks and thousands of miles away?  If the butterfly effect means that seemingly insignificant moments may alter history and shape destinies, then count me in as a believer! 

I have found in my own life that many times small changes are all that is required to get us out of our funk, or jump-started to courage, or on a different path. In fact small steps can be huge precursors to enormous shifts in our experience.

Like a drop in the water that ripples out for eons or a simple smile that catches on like wildfire, huge changes are most often begotten through small and simple beginnings.

Here are seven small and simple beginnings that I have found, in my experience, to be profoundly helpful and even life changing. It may be that the perfect one awaits you.

1. Appreciate the small things.  Babies, flowers, smiles, desserts, smells, hugs, clouds. When you appreciate, you are practicing nurturing your good energy. When you have good energy flowing, more good things come to you.

2. Get wowed.  When you exercise your child like wonder, the Universe becomes an amazing and fascinating place of possibility. When you invite your self to believe in possibilities, doors open, magic begins, miracles happen.

3. Trust yourself. You can start small. What will you do today? Where will you go? Trust how you feel about it, not what you think about it. And definitely not what others think about it. Become your own best expert.

4. Feel your feelings fully. You are a human being, and having feelings is a major part of your human-ness. Cry, scream, belly ha and hoo. Let it out.  And then….once fully honored, have the courage to let your feelings go.

5. The next time someone offends, hurts, or angers you — P a u s e.   Why?  Because it’s really not about you. Whatever others say and do is only ever a reflection of where they are at that moment in time and space.  Yes, personal boundaries are yours to draw.  But when you practice not taking the actions and offenses of others personally, life gets so much sweeter.

6. Be still and breathe.  Take time in your day to push ‘pause’ on your thoughts.  Clarity, ease, and peace can be found when we quiet our minds and just be present, in the moment.

7. Dance.  A personal favorite. Whether you find your self at a club, a concert, a dance class, or in your living room–let your body move you. When you really let your body move you, you are invoking the wisdom and cell memories of what you came here to do. Yes, your life is meant to be a Dance.  So dance it!

2 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect”

  1. Donna Parker says:

    Thank you for this reflection…..very moving to me and something I have been working on in my own life. We forget sometimes so it is good to have the reminders. I will also take this opportunity to let you know how thankful I am for the gift of your friendship, being a part of your family and for Leo who always makes me smile, gives me a good belly laugh. Well written. Thank you.

    1. Beverly Molina says:

      Thank you Donna, for all your support and friendship too in so many ways.

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