Living Your Truth

Have you been lucky enough to find a practice that brings you into the Now Moment, your personal Truth Place, your authentic Heart Space? And if you have, have you surrendered to it in its entirety? Have you let it take you on its expansive journey into the unknown and creative flow that makes you feel…. And therefore feel alive? Maybe you have found your practice in hiking, gardening, jogging, painting,... read more

Mountain Magic

When I wake up to crisp air and cold skin, I slowly remember where I am. Oh yeah I’m on the bus, my new home for the week, traveling to connect with other conscious/ecstatic dance communities and spread the word about the transformative power of this type of movement. I close my eyes again, hoping to slip into warm dreamscapes. I’m here with 30 other people, most of whom I did not know at the... read more

Gift of the Dance

It’s morning and I’m waking up in my sleeping bag on a charter bus, which has become my temporary home for 9 days and 8 nights – with 30 other people. Last night I stretched myself out on the bus seats that convert into sleeping spaces – a place that reminds me of a cross between a European sleeper train and the blue and white VW bus in which we had our camping adventures in the... read more

Dance Tour Begins

Hello friends, Today I’m starting an adventure that’s been on the calendar for months and deep in my soul forever. For the next 8 days and nights I’m going to dance! Everywhere. My weekly free form dance practice for this week looks like me, plus 30 other people (age 22 to 73), on a charter bus, driving all over the state of California bringing our dance on! Here’s the official... read more

Love Is the Default

It’s been two weeks since the deadliest mass shooting in US history in Orlando, Florida.  It’s been six months since the Paris terror attacks and over five years since the Syrian Civil War began. As the many articles, posts, rants and video footage have made their way across my screen these last few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about Orlando. I’ve been thinking about a recent high-profile rape case in... read more

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