Every Moment

When you are meeting your fave 11 year old and his grandma at the neighborhood cemetery where they are walking the dog……

They are two colorful spots, amidst grey headstones and naked trees.
As the boy runs towards you, time falls away.
You feel suddenly wide awake.
The details of the moment come in high definition, rapid fire.
The boy’s chin up, curls blowing back as he races the narrow walkway,
The silver laugh of the woman who brought you into the world,
The still of the grounds, the trees swaying their dance.
He’s SO alive as he jumps his weight into your arms.

You breathe in his giggles.
“You are my favorite person in the entire universe,” you whisper.
And in that moment, in the quiet of this resting place,
You feel through to your toes how individually precious and momentous each look, each feel, each experience of every moment of this life really is.