You Are the Hero You Have Been Waiting For

Superheroes unite! Superpowers activate! Reposting this one, to remind us all of the superhero within…. It’s a Bird….It’s a Plane…..It’s Supermaaaaa—WAIT….. It’s YOU!!! You Are the Hero You Have Been Waiting For I grew up, shy and stringy haired, with my nose forever planted in a book. As a child, I breathed and slept European fairy tales of giants, mermaids, and fair maidens. I daydreamed the... read more

Celebrating Women

I’m reposting this piece from a couple of years ago, in honor of International Women’s Day! And I want give a shout out to those men who support women and girls – and women working in non-traditional careers! Thank you for your respect, mentorship, and advocacy! Women have made great strides, with still a long way to go; and I’m teaching my young son to be like the men I know who... read more

Dancing with Fire

I always wondered when my two worlds were going to collide. OK, collide is a bit of a dramatic word. Let’s say “intersect” instead. I always wondered when my two worlds were going to intersect. And the two worlds, you’re wondering? Why firefighting and free form dancing, of course! This is my sixteenth year working as a firefighter in an urban fire department.  A career I am humbled and grateful to... read more

Facing the Future, Moment by Moment

Dear Friends, 2017 looks and feels to be a time of change in many ways. Sometimes the unknown of change can feel uncomfortable, un-nerving, and even frightening. So how can we move through times of change and stay connected to ourselves/each other, vulnerable, courageous, and resilient – all in the name of new beginnings? Fearing the future I recently had a conversation with a coworker.  He told me... read more

Radical Gratitude

Re-posting this one from a couple years ago! It seems appropriate in these challenging times of change, on Thanksgiving Day, to employ some radical gratitude. Wishing you hope, inspired action, and joy in finding your deep radical gratitude in all things.   Gratitude comes most easily for me when the sun is shining and I’m swimming in the sea, dancing with the leaves, or drinking in the wild air. But... read more

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