The Magic of Gratitude

School is out, most hard-working folks have the day off from work, and many of us are getting together with family and friends – hanging out with our various pets, peeps and tribes. It’s Thanksgiving Day in the US.

I’m always surprised when I take the time to pause and truly focus my attention on all I have to be grateful for. There is just SO much. There’s the big stuff – loving family, amazing friends, precious health – the obvious.

And then it’s when I’m sitting – just sitting – not rushing around feeding the pets, or prepping the baking ingredients for the impatient eight year old who wants to open the frosting tubes, or expertly weaving my cart with a bum wheel in and out of grim looking shoppers at the store, or raking wet yellow-orange leaves into the barrel, or sitting with the pooch with his tail between his legs as he get’s his annual once over at the vet’s, or feeling the pain of world events, whether in Paris, the Middle East, or Africa – it’s only when I sit, that I recognize how lucky and grateful I am for ALL of it.

It is at this quiet and solitary moment that I feel Life is surely a grand experience – in its entirety. Joy, suffering, happiness and pain. I feel so grateful and privileged to be here, to be here in this moment in time, and alive in ALL of it.

Somehow, I know that if every one of us, could just sit, no matter where we are, stop our mad rush, and just become – for the moment – the observer of our lives, we would probably all be bowled over by the magnificence of what we feel!

In fact, what magic would happen if all people on this planet let ourselves feel that big heart swell that gratitude begets – all the time and not simply on one day of the year?

What possibilities would we create? World peace, love, compassion, understanding?

Come, sit with me and let’s summon the magic of gratitude, and find out!


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  1. Donna says:

    Thank you.

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