What is Brave and Awake?

Being brave and awake is my personal intent and mission. And I hope it becomes yours. Being brave and awake is about listening. Listening deeply to your heart. And then having the courage to follow the sometimes unknown, unconventional, or unexpected path that presents itself before you. The path that unfolded for me led me to firefighting and free-form dance – purpose and passion found!

Brave and Awake is an invitation and an offering from me to you. It is an invitation to discover who you really are in this varied and amazing human experience, and in doing so, it is an invitation to meet your authentic self, embrace your deepest desires of the heart, and live your dreams.

May you listen and live freely from the place of your own personal authenticity! And then oh the adventures and bliss you will find! #alwayslistening #bebrave #yourheartknowstheway

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