Let’s Dance

I have a confession.

Actually it is more of a profession. A profession of love.


When I put on my navy colored, Class B uniform, with my badge fastened securely over my heart, my work is all about helping people. However, on my off days, when I am dressed in mom gear, which includes a purse stuffed with cell phone, handwipes and extra kleenex, I find some precious moments to take care of myself—and I dance. I dance with abandon.

Devoted Dance
Every Sunday morning, I faithfully make my way to the nearby beach town where, as the advertisement says, ‘the DJ is the minister, the music is the sermon and the dancers are the congregation.’ The dance studio is filled with people in their bare feet and comfy yoga type wear, moving their bodies to a variety of beats and music. The lights are on, and the sunlight beams its rays through the doors and windows. It is bright. There is no hiding here. There is no booze, pick up lines or chit-chat on this dance floor.

This dance floor is one of my greatest teachers. It invites me in completely, and it accepts me as I am. It allows me to express myself however my body moves me.  And as my feet touch the cool hardwood floor of the dance studio, and I allow my body to move me, the butterfly slowly but surely emerges, baring her soul.

On the dance floor I slip easily away from my thoughts in my mind and settle comfortably into my body suit. The DJ spins the music – world tunes and rhythms of all varieties. And people dance. They move their bodies in lyrical motions, sometimes in soft sweeping gestures, the next minute in funked-out booming beats. Everyone dances their own dance.

Here, I am wide awake to the vibrating beats and the currents of the music. Here, I let my mind go and fully inhabit my body. On the dance floor any remnants of my masks disappear and my true self cannot but help to shine through.

Truth Embodied
Out of my mind, my thoughts, my ego—I am embodied. In this state, I move how I feel without a second thought. My arms, my legs, my torso, my head all move in whatever way is emerging from the ever present moment. Sometimes utter joy and laughter emerge and sometimes tears. No matter what surfaces, it feels good to embody authenticity.

It feels exhilarating to sway and jump and wiggle with such freedom. It feels like trust and intuition, guiding me in their inspired motions. It feels like peace, moving in the flow. It feels like love of self, of others, of life. And it feels completely and inherently natural to be moved in this way.

What I understand about my weekly dance is that it is the exact metaphor for what I hope to live in my daily life. As I make my way home after the dance, I understand that it is possible to live life like this—in this intuitive, empowered and inspired way.

Life as a Dance
Can we remain in the Dance and live our lives this way, when our bodies step off the hardwood dance floor?

When we begin to live our lives like this dance, we will not dance the Dance of others, but move with the flow of our intuition, trusting our bodies to move us in the perfect ways for us, in every moment. We will discover that we can move with freedom and ease in the world, totally being our self. We will let our feelings surface and acknowledge and honor them.

When we begin to live our life like this dance, our movements in the world will be inspired. When we are inspired, we will begin to live authentically. When we begin living authentically, we will trust ourselves and love ourselves. We might even find that we can love others who seem to be totally different from us. We will realize that they are living the Dance meant for them.

In our Dance, there will be trip-ups and falls to be sure. As we acknowledge the ups and downs, we will move easily through them, knowing that they are all part of the adventure on the dance floor. We will begin to see that the whole of our life – with all of its trials, hardships, sorrows, losses, victories, adventures, gifts and miracles is more akin to a rich and colorful dance than it is a struggle.

In the end, when we get good at the Dance, it will not matter what we are sporting for the day – dance wear, mom gear or a Class B uniform with badge and all. We will simply and devotedly follow the Dance of our hearts in the many moments that make our lives.

In this place of being who we really are–in all the forms that it may look like–we will be happy. We will be free.

Come friends—let us dance!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Dance”

  1. Donna Parker says:

    Beautifully written. Dance and Music are universal, inspiring creativity, lifting spirits, touches all hearts where they need it most. Thank you for sharing

  2. home schooling says:

    Howdy! This post couldn’t be written any better! Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this. I’ll forward this article to him. Fairly certain he’ll have a great read. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Beverly Molina says:

      Thanks for sending it on to your dancing friend!

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